Ermox Increased Its Production Capacity!

Ermox, which increased GNC Makina's investment in the Victor VC-P106 model in two years, purchased 10 more machines from GNC. Ermox officials, who increased their production capacity to 75%, stated that they made the right decision with the choice they made and said, "GNC Makina works smoothly, we save time, our production capacity increases, we produce quality products and of course we win." official stated that they will continue to grow and therefore they decided to buy 4 more machines from GNC Makina.In addition to their words that they decided to choose GNC for their future investments, they also expressed their confidence in GNC Makina in terms of sales and after-sales services. GNC Makina, which accurately determines the needs of the sector and produces solutions, has attracted attention in the production sector with the products it offers to the Konya-based company Ermox Source: One of the Largest Manufacturers of the Defense Industry, Ermox Increased Its Production Capacity by 75% with Victor.